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Nice Neos Tutorials

Bastian Heist (Homepage, Twitter, Github), a Neos team member, has published 4 short but very instructive video tutorials. Of course, I will not deprive you of this interesting videos. Install >>

Dream team: Neos and Elasticsearch

Is it difficult to get a powerful search for your homepage? With Neos and Elasticsearch this is now a breeze. In 5 easy steps to your own Elasticsearch search. Step 1: Install the two >>

Neos Conference 2017

Last Friday and Saturday the first Neos Conference took place. It was as in previous years at the inspiring conference, an awesome one with many good talks, interesting discussions and good food >>

Implement your own password hashing strategy

What is a password hashing strategy and why do I need to implement my own? Let's assume that we have an existing page with user accounts and want to add them to our new Neos page. In the old page, >>

How to avoid memory problems during long-running processes?

If you have long-running processes such as a job queue worker, you often get memory problems. Especially with PHP, workers are a problem because the memory can not be released again. With Flow, it is >>

Google VR View

You can embed 360° photos and videos into a website using VR View. This looks great on both desktop and smartphone. On mobile devices even the movement is registered and integrated. When you turn >>

echo "Hello world";

A "Hello world" is often the first thing you do when you start programming. In this blog I'll publish irregular posts around programming. My focus is on web development, especially the content >>