Unser neues Aquarium

Gemeinsam mit meiner Familie beleben wir meine einstige Leidenschaft für Aquarien wieder und begeben uns auf eine spannende Reise voller Wissenschaft und Vorfreude, während wir ein neues Unterwasser-Paradies erschaffen.

How ChatGPT helps me every day at work

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that can help with programming and other tasks. Pitfalls are clear wording of input, verification of proposed solutions and timeliness of information.

Advent of Code

After I haven’t written anything here for a long time, okay a very long time, I don’t want to let this blog fall asleep completely. A lot has happened to me recently, which is why I haven’t found much time to write. But now, at christmas time, I would like to slowly start again.

Composer patches

There is a bug in a foreign composer package and you can’t wait until the fix is installed and a new version is built? Then you can’t avoid a patch.

Gitea - a real alternative to Github, Gitlab and BitBucket

If you work with code, there is no way around version control. The current standard for version control is git, a distributed version control for files.

git rerere – Do not always resolve the same conflicts

Recently I came across a very interesting post from Christophe Porteneuve on Medium, in which git rerere was introduced.

Mastodon - the better social network

I’ve been on Twitter for almost 9 years and with time it got worse and worse on Twitter.

Neos 4.0 & Flow 5.0

A few days ago a new major release of Neos and Flow was released. I would like to briefly introduce you to a few new features.

Neos Conference 2018

Even though it has been almost two weeks now, the Neos Conference has still left an impression. The conference was this year also in Hamburg.

Neos "Content Repository" Sprint in Dresden

From 26.02. to 02.03. a Neos Sprint took place in Dreden. This time I had the opportunity to participate. The topic of the sprint was the new Event Sourced Content Repository.